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We will find it! Water or gas, above ground or in-ground, under concrete or in a wall. Our state of the art leak detection equipment, paired with our dutiful fully-trained technicians, will locate and pinpoint your leak in the toughest applications. Our Leak Detection Department is dedicated solely to this particular service and the deployment of solutions. Many times other leak detection companies have thrown their hands up in surrender, only to have customers filled with anxiety and feeling lost. Before that happens, call the Right Size team!

When others fail or can’t figure it out, we can! That’s a Right Size Guarantee. All water or gas leak detections require not only a comprehensive checklist of the procedures that are protocol for successful location, but they also require a solid understanding of how to generate the desired effect to reproduce the same leak, without that gas or air being live. It takes training to evaluate the resonance and various sounds, and this experience can only be developed through repetitive instruction taught in a training facility. That takes learning through real life situations and applying your trade craft under competent leadership, not just providing an employee with the equipment and letting them learn on the job, especially at a client’s expense.

Right Size Leak Detection Team will never do that to our customers and we will never do that to you. Night or day, rain or shine – our Leak Detection Team knows how destructive water can be in such a short period of time and what kind of financial losses can result. We also know how important gas flow is for just our basic living conditions. That being said, our team does not have to tell you, Right Size Plumbing Experts are the right choice for leak detection, and all your plumbing and drain needs.

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When others fail or can’t figure it out, we can! That’s a Right Size Guarantee.

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